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We appreciate that COST a key factor for everyone, whether you are a millionaire or are primarily living off Social Security, We understand that you want the best product at the best price.  We will always respect your Resources and Budget.  Many of the Prices you may see listed here may be the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.  Knowing what will work for you is our First Priority; then this will determine what you will have to pay. . .  We will then gladly give you our Customer Friendly Price (877)727-1954; which shall include a complete quotation on the Unit, Options, Shipping, and Optional Installation (at our location or your home). 



Vehicle lifter and Scooter lifting wheelchair lifts automobileWe pride ourselves on doing something for the Quality of Your Life.

Results are what we are both after:  We understand that you want a Mobility Lift that will be the very best for you.

It is a little complicated.  We are here to help you sort it out.  Searching Online is a good eye-opener, but actually sharing information with a Mobility Lift Specialist is invaluable.

We are here working for you and your satisfaction as our first and foremost priority.

Vehicle Lifts allow you to enjoy the outside without the stress and fatigue of taking apart and putting back together your Scooter or Wheelchair.

Scooter and Wheelchair-Lift models are available for almost all vehicle types; inside and outside models.  Choose from (8) Eight different Manufacturer's: Harmar, Bruno, Burr, VMI, Silver-Star, Tri-Lift, Freedom and Worldwide Engineering. 

Before we can give you a Price on a Mobility Lift Model, we must know the answers to the following (3) three questions:
1.  Which Scooter, Wheelchair and Scooter or Wheelchair do you have - or are you planning to buy?
2.  What is the Year, Make and Model of your Vehicle that you have or are planning to buy?
3.  Are you looking for a lift that works from the inside of your vehicle or the outside?

Outside lifts are designed to be installed onto a class 2 or class 3 hitch mounted on the back of a car, truck or van. Most of the units we recommend are attached to a hitch on the back of your vehicle.  On many small compact cars this will not work.  These outside lifts are the easiest to use because there is minimum exertion required from the owner.  Many people choose the swing away option to swing the outside lift to the side to provide access to the back of your vehicle.  

Inside lifts are designed to work in most car trunks, SUV's, Van's and Hatchbacks.  We also need to know if you can handle any lifting or pushing yourselves and whether you have a friend, family or caregiver usually there to assist you.

For your peace of mind and ours, the Mobility Lift that is selected has to also be verified by the manufacturer for a perfect fit before you order. Again, each customer needs to be asked many questions. This is how we find the factors (many the customer are not even aware of) that help us decide what is the right product. Our attention to the "complete" sale usually means we build a customer for life.

Our Philosophy is to do what is genuinely right for the customer (even if that means we do not make a sale). Our Integrity in finding the right product for our customers is our secret formula for success.

There are also "BackPacker" type Lifts that usually have a large platform that is lowered to the ground behind your vehicle; secured into place, and then raised back into the cargo area or your van or hatchback or SUV.

Also available are Aluminum, folding ramps that come in all lengths.

For those one a real budget, we may have a USED recommendation at 1/2 OFF!

This much is certain:   No one KNOWS more about Mobility Lifts; No one will CARE more about getting you the Right Mobility Lift; No one will get you a better PRICE; and No one will keep your information more PRIVATE (we promise to NEVER Rent, Sell, Compile or Use your information on any type of list, including our own).

"Your Comfort Is Everything!"

Family Owned Since 1964, We were the FIRST! Electric Home Care Equipment Company.  In fact, we invented the Electric Home Care Industry!  We are also the National Manufacturer of the most trusted name in Adjustable Beds:  Electropedic®.  Please review our "A" Rating as a Member of the BBB: Report 

The first step is to find you the right equipment for your needs.  Our motto since 1964 has been "Your Comfort Is Everything!" . . . and when you have been doing the same thing for 45 years, you get pretty good at it.   Please take the time to talk to a Mobility Lift Specialist

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