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We are Authorized Dealers of the leading Hospital Bed Manufacturers in the Home Care Industry.  We understand that purchasing a Hospital Bed is too involved to simply purchase online without GOOD ADVISE.  After just a few questions, we can advise you on the correct Product, Manufacturer, Model and Options that would be BEST for you. . . After 45 years asking the BASIC questions BEFORE YOU ORDER helps us to assure your 100% Satisfaction, which is our First and Foremost Goal.   Our Secret Formula for Success is to ALWAYS put your Self-Interest FIRST: We earn your TRUST!  And with an "A" Rating with the BBB, we must be doing something right after the sale too!

Our expertise as the manufacturer of Home Adjustable Beds gives us an inside track in getting you the right Home Hospital Bed with the right features and options.


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At Electropedic Beds, we Manufacture and Sell the Model 585, America's Best-Built Electric Adjustable Bed. We guarantee the highest quality Frame, Motors, Mattress, Foundation, Hand Controls and Casters. Our goal since 1964 has been to build the highest quality, most reliable and most comfortable bed in the world.  The Model 585 is the product of almost 45 years of designing quality into each component of our bed.

We are a family owned company.

Our expertise as the manufacturer of Adjustable Beds gives us an inside track in getting you the right Hospital Bed with the right features and options.

Today, we represent all the major manufacturer's of Hospital Beds and Hospital Bed Mattresses.  

Our Factory Representatives have the experience to go over the order with you:

  • Are you in the market for the standard Hospital Bed 2 motor semi electric head up, head down; foot up, foot down with innerspring or foam mattress
  • Are you in the marked for the fully electric 3 motor (also whole bed goes up and down) with standard innerspring or foam mattress.
  • Do you need a mattress upgrade:  deluxe innerspring, latex foam, memory foam or air
  • Do you prefer a special firmness?
  • What are your specific health concerns.  Do you have a bad back, arthritis, . . . are you disabled?
  • Do you need to transfer out of your bed to a wheelchair or walker (do you need extra mattress edge support)
  • Do you need half rails, full rails, trapeze bar, extra low bed operation, extra heavy duty operation, bed trays, locking casters, battery back-up, scales, etc.
  • Do you need more than the standard size 36" wide:  46", full size 53", queen size 60"
  • Do you need special length?  Are you over 6' tall.
  • Are you with a caregiver, or a "loved one" who may need a bed by the side, or you may be sharing the same bed
  • Are you very concerned about the decor of the room (we have choices and solutions)

Almost all our beds are shipped to our customers the very next day.  No one gets you a Hospital Bed shipped to you faster than us.

We are not a "selling" company "with no questions asked" that pushes a specific size, model or firmness on our customers. Along the way, we explain the basic features and benefits of the many positions of a Hospital Bed; and how they can benefit you.  We both listen to each other's questions, answers and explanations.

Some of our customers need

  • the Trendellenberg Position
  • the Reverse Trendellenberg Position
  • the Cardio-Chair Position
  • a Hoyer or Patient Lift to fit underneath the bed
  • a special Pressure Relieving Mattress for Bed Sores

This is how we put the pieces together to build a hospital bed for you.  This is how we price a bed for you.  All features combine to promote patient independence, improving psychological well being, and ease for both patient and caregiver.  


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We sell direct to the public and to many hospitals, sleep centers and bariatric facilities.  

If you are interested in Medicare or Insurance Billing, please ask for Dept. J at 800-233-7382.  If you are interested, also ask about our USED HOSPITAL BEDS selection of Hospital Beds at 1/2 OFF Regular Price (800)727-1954

We know Price is very relevant to our customers.  You don't pay more when you buy from us.  Our advise is "Free".   We guarantee the best price.

Each of our customer's get a lifetime service commitment.  For as long as you own your Hospital Bed, we are always a phone call away (800)233-7382 to assist you.

A Hospital Bed is really too complicated and too important a decision to make without first speaking to a qualified representative who understands the full features, benefits and options.  When done our way, your Hospital Bed will meet or exceed your highest expectations.

Getting the right Mattress and Firmness for our customers is what we do.

Getting the right "Headboard", Bottom Sheets and Mattress Pads  (waterproof too) for our customers is what we do.

These are the principles and practices that we think and work with.  This is "the way" we welcome each of our customers into our family that has been around since 1964.  Through 45 years, we have realized that our success is built upon customer satisfaction.

Let us Build Your Bed, Price Your Bed and Ship Your Bed.  We do not "pressure" you into buying; and do not add your name and information to any type of list.  Please call for Prices and Information (800)477-0248 . . . You'll be glad you did!


Electric Hospital Beds

"Each morning now, my feet are completely reduced from swelling."
         Elisa M. Dollarhide-Northridge, California




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Fold & Roll


Fully ELectric Hospital Bed


Although all hospital beds elevate and bend the legs to help with circulatory problems and low back pain, some doctors recommend trendellenburg and Cardio-Chair reclining functions.

Trendellenberg slants the whole body flat with the feet up and the back down; or reverse trendellenburg that does the opposite. Trendellenburg also helps a caregiver and the patient themselves to self-boost and re-adjust their body's position on the hospital bed.

Cardio-Chair Reclining features of theTransfer-Master Sleeper Lounge or Tri-Flex help maintain comfort, respiratory and circulatory functions. Cardio-Chair reclining positions are also used in pain avoidance positioning creating pressure relief that may also ultimately help to prevent decubitus ulcers. If someone is disabled, Cardio-Chair Reclining features are surely an added benefit.


If Bed Sores (Stages I-IV) are a concern, there are many advanced technology, special therapeutic support, alternating air and Lateral Rotation Therapy mattresses available. We would recommend, for one, the fine mattresses from Blue Chip.



Over 350 Pounds considered by Medicare as Heavy-Duty. We are specialists in Hospital Beds in all sizes with up to 1000 Pound weight capability.


Our expertise as the manufacturer of Adjustable Beds gives us an inside track in getting you the right Hospital Bed with the right features and options.

Hospital Bed Check List







Health Conditions:



















Patient Lift:


3rd Motor:




Reverse Trendellenberg:




Low Position::


High Position:


Half Side Rails:


Full Side Rails:


Trapeze Bar:


Bed Sores:


Edge Support:












Memory F:am:





We sell direct to the public and to many hospitals, sleep centers and bariatric facilities.  

USED selection of Hospital Beds at 1/2 OFF Regular Price.


  1. Burke-Bariatric TriFlex Heavy-Duty Hospital Beds Burke Bariatric Ultima 60 Home Care Bed 600 lb Tri-Flex


  2. Electropedic Adjustable Beds


  3. Evermed Hospital Beds


  4. Invacare Hospital Beds

  5. Sleeper Lounge Adjustable Hospital Beds


  1. Sunrise-Medical Hospital Beds w/Trendellenberg


  2. Transfer Master Hi-Lo Adjustable Beds 302   Spirit 304 Valiant 311 Valiant  HD 312 Valiant  SHD 313 Oasis Companion 314


  3. Tuffcare Hospital Beds Hospital Beds T1000 T1500 T2000  T3000 T4000 T5048 .T5054

  4. Wheelchairs of Kansas Bariatric Heavy-Duty Hospital Beds


We were the FIRST! Electric Home Care Equipment Company.
 In fact, we invented the industry!
Since 1964 - Member BBB Report - SERVING ALL AREAS

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