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bariatric bed

Sleeper Lounge Bariatric heavy duty hospital bed

Sleeper Lounge Bariatric Beds. has been manufacturing electric adjustable beds, mattresses and bedding for the home and healthcare markets continuously since 1946. Sleeper Lounge Bariatric Beds include a complete line of 450lb and 1000 lb Bariatric Beds for home use and healthcare facilities. Available accessories include guardrails for both the home and bariatric line, and headboard, footboard, and trapeze bars for bariatric beds only.

Sleeper Lounge Bariatric Beds was founded in 1946, not far from their current location by two brothers; one provided the technical, engineering and manufacturing expertise, while the other focused on sales and marketing. They soon built a company with a reputation for manufacturing only the highest quality beds and bedding.

In 1950, one of the brothers was hospitalized with an illness. His room was adjacent to an individual who was recovering from an accident. They would talk regularly and one of the topics of discussion was the very uncomfortable hospital beds they had to endure. The concept of individual adjustability was revolutionary but the mechanics and functioning of the beds were completely substandard! They decided that this was a project they both would be interested in pursuing; the design and manufacturing of a truly comfortable adjustable bed for everyone to enjoy. This was the wave of the future they theorized! Individual adjustments to contour to your body, to shape the bed to your shape and not force the curved body to conform to a flat bed!

After they both were released from the hospital, true to his word, the gentleman in the other room sent over two of his staff engineers to Sleeper Lounge to begin design of what is most likely the first luxury adjustable bed for the home! They perfected this adjustable bed in 1951. The very first beds off the Sleeper Lounge / SleeperLounge / SleeperLounge.comion line were delivered to the "gentleman in the other room" for his enjoyment and enthusiastic approval. The” gentleman in the other room" was none other than Howard Hughes! These very first sales were to Hughes Aircraft for Howard's personal use.

To this day, the company receives calls from Hughes historians and buffs who have somehow traced his connection to this company and are interested in collecting more information on the Sleeper Lounge / SleeperLounge / SleeperLounge.coms he helped design and use.

Since then the company has moved three times, introduced a line of healthcare beds, redesigned and improved the original adjustable bed design several times and integrated modern technology into the design and manufacturing of all its Sleeper Lounge / SleeperLounge / SleeperLounge.coms

Sleeper Lounge Hi-Lo Bariatric Beds are available in 2 different capacities;

450 pound or 1000 pounds. Bariatric Beds are shipped in two pieces for easy transportation and placement. Quick assembly and a robust design make for a problem free bed for years to come! If you do not need a Hi Lo bed, for the person needing a Bariatric bed, we have our fixed height bed up to 1000 lb weight capacity.

All this and at affordable prices too!

Call Elaine Latham 1-800-477-0248


Before you buy a Heavy-Duty Bariatric Electric Adjustable Hospital Bed - 3-Motor Fully Electric - Compare Price, Quality, Guarantee and Service.  Then talk to the people who have made Your Comfort Is Everything! our only business since 1964.


Electric Adjust  Your Back and Your Legs to Over 1001 Positions at the simple touch of your finger - Elevate the whole bed up and down at the simple touch of your finger.

Notice two motors in middle of bed - 1000 Pound Version - that elevated the complete bed.


Move the Bed quite easily with good casters.


5 Year Limited Warranty  - Sleeper Lounge Bariatric Heavy-Duty Electirc Adjustable Hospital 3-Motor Hi-Lo Beds


sleeper lounge bariatric beds


 Sleeper Lounge,Heavy Duty Bariatric lb. pound 1000 high low,3 motor hospital,hi-lo, Adjustable mattress 800-477-0248

Bariatric Beds by Sleeper Lounge

Our Philosophy:
Communication is Key

When you call us we will genuinely and sincerely help you find the right Sleeper Lounge  Bariatric Bed.  We are here working for you and your satisfaction as our first and foremost priority.  We pride ourselves on doing something for the Quality of Your Life.  When you call our company we will soon discover the FACTORS that will lead to your 100% Satisfaction.  Our motto since 1964 has been "Your Comfort Is Everything!" . . . and when you have been doing the same thing for 45 years, you get pretty good at it. 

GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE: Please call (800)477-0248

Bariatric Equipments

birth room for hospitalhospital birthing room

The Baby is Born …..Now What?  After Birthing Beds and Rooms

This is the time that the mother needs that extra TLC; and her experience at your hospital will stay with her memories.  Many hospitals are realizing the importance of making the family feel special and are setting up “After Birthing Rooms” so the family can bond in one bed.  Once the Mother is home she will spread the word about their wonderful experience at your hospital making the family feel so special.  In today’s world there is no better way to market your OB services?  Word-of-mouth is still the best means of reaching out to the family that is looking for the right hospital for the birth of their child.  Special Pregnancy After Birthing Beds and birth rooms

bariatric beds birth rooms for hospitalsAfter Birthing Beds and Birth Rooms for Hospitals

NOTE:  Many people are buying Special Beds for Pregnancy, Birth and After Birthing rooms in Hospitals:  Please call Elaine Latham if you are interested in Bed Products available for Birthing Rooms (800)477-0248