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WE MAKE, SHIP, GUARANTEE & SERVICE THE MODEL 585.  WE MAKE ALL SIZES: Twin size adjustable beds, Full size adjustable beds, Queen size adjustable beds, King size adjustable beds, Dual Queen size adjustable beds and Dual King size adjustable beds; ALL LENGTHS AND WIDTHS AND CUSTOM ORDERS.  WE MAKE 5 DIFFERENT MATTRESSES AVAILABLE: Innerspring, Latex, High Profile, Tempur-pedic and Air; AND MATTRESS FIRMNESSES: SOFT, REGULAR FIRM, EXTRA FIRM AND ULTRA FIRM.  WE MAKE 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF HAND CONTROLS AND MASSAGE SYSTEMS.  OUR FACTORY CAN SHIP OUT ANY SIZE, HAND CONTROL, MATTRESS & FIRMNESS THE VERY NEXT DAY.    


Please Call the Electropedic Factory TOLL FREE (800)551-2010
Start with Trust.  We are the most trusted name in Adjustable Beds.
Member BBB with an A Rating.  Since 1964.

Adjustable Beds

whether for health, sleep tv or pure comfort, adjustable bed owner's would never sleep on anything else

Twinsize Adjustable Beds comes in your choice of three lengths:

  • 38" x 74" Twin Regular Electropedic Adjustable Bed for people 5'3" and shorter

  • 38" x 80" Twin Extra Long Electropedic Adjustable Bed for people between 5'5" and 6'1". and

  • 38" x 84" Twin (CA) King Length Electropedic Adjustable Bed for people over 6'1"

Although, a Regular Size Bed is OK when you are flat, you lose almost 8" in the bending of the bed (You don't want to buy the most comfortable bed in the world, and then your feet are hanging over).  If you are "between" sizes, Electropedic asks you 2 questions:  1.  Are your legs longer than normal?  2.  Do you like to tuck in your sheets by the foot of your bed.  If you answer yes to either question, we recommend to go the longer length.  You can almost always find Twin Extra Long bottom fitted sheets in the department stores.  38" x 84" are not to be found - you can buy them from Electropedic, though, in Blue, Beige or White.  Your existing Twin top sheets will work over you. When you put two Twin Extra Longs side by side you have the same dimensions as a Kingsize Bed, 76" x 80" (2--38" x 80") - You put bottom fitted sheets on the bottom, and most people put Kingsize flat sheets, spreads, blankets, etc. on top.

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Full size Adjustable Beds or Double size comes in your choice of two sizes:

  • 53" x 74" Full Regular Electropedic Adjustable Bed for people 5'3" and shorter

  • 53" x 80" Full Extra Long Electropedic Adjustable Bed for people between 5'4" and 6'1"

  • 53" x 84" Full (CA) King Length Electropedic Adjustable Bed for people over 6'1"

Again, we recommend the Extra Long for most people.  The Full Extra Long bottom sheets are not available in department stores.  Please call Electropedic.  If you have room, and the budget, for the Queensize, the Queen is standard 80" long - and the sheets are sold everywhere.  The Queen is 7" wider than a full size 60" x 80".

no other bed can do more for your back

A One-Piece Queen Adjustable Beds have one hand control, comes in the standard size of:

  • 60" x 80" Queen (one piece)

We usually recommend the one-piece Queen for One person.  If you are a couple, then we would usually recommend either the Dual Queen or the Dual King (9 out of 10 couples get the Dual King.  (The one-piece Queen is the strongest bed Electropedic makes:  6 casters instead of 4, heavy duty motors, heavy duty frame, etc.)  The One Piece Queen is what most decorators recommend (even over the One Piece King).

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A One-Piece King Adjustable Beds have one hand control, comes in your choice of two sizes:

  • 76" x 80" Eastern King (one piece) Electropedic Adjustable Bed, and
  • 72" x 84" California King (one piece) Electropedic Adjustable Bed

If you live outside of California, you will buy the Eastern King.  Usually, the One Piece King is for one person.  Most couples buy the Dual King.  Bottom Fitted Sheets for both sizes are easily available.

Read, relax watch tv . . . OVER 1001 Positions at the touch of your finger

The Dual King Adjustable Beds comes in your choice of two sizes:

  • 76" x 80" (2--38" x 80"') Dual King Electropedic Adjustable Bed
  • 76" x 84" (2--38" x 84") Dual King Electropedic Adjustable Bed  

The Dual King is usually recommended for two people, because the reason people LOVE Electropedic Beds, is that each one can adjust to every position at any time you wish.  If you have a One Piece Bed, two people cannot individually adjust.  The Dual King 76" x 80" is the standard size Kingsize Bed as the Eastern King.  (It is 6" wider, and 4" less long than a one-piece CA King).  Most people purchase the standard 76" x 80".  When you buy the Dual King, you are actually buying two Twin Extra Longs side by side.  Whether you buy a Twin Regular or Extra Long or (CA) King Length - the bending in the middle is the same (the factory just adds the extra lengths at the very top and bottom).  We recommend the 76" x 84" if the husband is over 6'1" tall.  If you are between sizes, again, we ask you if you have longer legs than normal, or if you tuck in your sheets by your feet - if you answer yes to either questions, we usually recommend the longer length.  Finding bottom fitted sheets for each side, 38" x 84" are available through Electropedic. The 72" x 84" California Dual King  2--36" x 84" is sometimes recommended for those trying to save a special headboard/footboard combination frame  (bottom fitted sheets for the two 36" x 84" are not to be found, unless special ordered - or you can get buy with 38" x 84" bottom sheets.) 

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The Dual Queen Adjustable Beds is:

  • 60" x 80" (2--30" x 80") Dual Queen Electropedic Adjustable Bed

The Dual Queen is recommended for people who have a smaller bedroom, want to save an existing headboard or spreads.  Most people choose the Dual King because it is a better buy - at the same price.  The Dual Queen is two 30" x 80" beds, side by side, making up a standard Queensize bed 60" x 80".  You put 30" x 80" fitted sheets on the bottom, and standard Queen top sheets, blankets on the top.  If you are over 200 pounds the Dual Queen, 30" x 80" may not be wide enough for you (although you do less turning on an Electropedic Bed)


Adjustable Beds

  adjustable beds

NOTE:  Adjustable Beds are usually a little too confusing to order online without first talking to an Adjustable Bed Specialist.  After just a few questions, we can understand the correct model, size and length, MATTRESS, hand control, optional massage system, brackets, height, . . . that you need.  After 45 years asking some simple questions BEFORE YOU ORDER helps us to assure your 100% Satisfaction, which is our First and Foremost Goal.  We have an "A" Rating with the BBB - so we must be doing something right!

It is wonderful to be able to adjust the bed to ease the strain on back and legs anytime during the night."

                                                                                                                     John and Mae Cullen - Gerlon, North Carolina

Adjustable Beds


BBB Rating is A Start with Trust:  Order your
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