Note:  Electropedic is the ONLY manufacturer that makes a one piece adjustable bed motorized frame.  The other manufacturers have available a one-piece king by putting two twin extra long motorized frames in "synchro".  The Model 585 is the only frame that is STRONG enough to support a one piece operation on its own.


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BEFORE YOU BUY an Electric Adjustable Bed, compare Price, Quality and Guarantee.  We are the manufacturer of the King Size Adjustable Bed, the World's Best-Built King Electric Adjustable Bed.  Order direct from the Electropedic Factory (800)551-2010.  The most Trusted Name in
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"We have received your new beds and we have had 2 nights of comfort!!!! They are really superrrrr!!!!!!"

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The Electropedic Factory is the ONLY Factory that makes a One-Piece King Motorized Frame; all the other manufacturer's "tie-together" two twinsize 36" x 84" or two 38" x 80" to make a one piece king.  "Tying together" two motorized frames is not a bad idea, but this usually makes the final price considerably more.

Most one-piece kings are built for luxury.  It is best for one person, because "both sides" of the whole bed goes up and down in the back and the legs with one control. 

Before you compare reviews and ratings on Adjustable Beds, compare the reviews, ratings and reports on the kingsize motorized frame:  Lifetime Warranty on Frame.

Quality Counts.

adjustable beds factory directBefore you buy an Electric Kingsize Adjustable Bed, Compare the QUALITY of the Motors, Frame, Mattress, Foundation, Hand Control, Casters and Optional Massage.  The Model 585 is the World's Best-Built Electric Adjustable Bed

A One-Piece King Electropedic Adjustable Bed, with one hand control, comes in your choice of two sizes:

* 76" x 80" Eastern King (one piece) Electropedic Adjustable Bed, and * 72" x 84" California King (one piece) Electropedic Adjustable Bed

If you live outside of California, you will buy the Eastern King. Usually, the One Piece King is for one person. Most couples buy the Dual King. Bottom Fitted Sheets for both sizes are easily available.

dual twinThe Best Quality Dual King HomeCare Adjustable Bed comes in your choice of two sizes:

* 76" x 80" (2--38" x 80"') Best Quality Dual King Electropedic Adjustable Bed * 76" x 84" (2--38" x 84") Best Quality Dual King HomeCare Adjustable Bed

The Dual King is usually recommended for two people, because the reason people LOVE Electropedic Beds, is that each one can adjust to every position at any time you wish. If you have a One Piece Bed, two people cannot individually adjust.


Best Quality Homecare Automatic King Adjustable Beds


King   One Piece

compare the no toxin and chemical latexpedic latex foam mattress to the tempurpedic memory foam temperpedic

compare the Tempurpedic Mattress and Temperpedic Bed to the No Toxin and No Chemical Latexpedic Mattress


 Compare Discount Temper-pedic Beds to Latex-pedic Mattresses;

COMPLETE PICTURES AND PRESENTATION OF ONE PIECE KING ELECTROPEDIC BEDS with one hand control, comes in your choice of two sizes: 76" x 80" Eastern King (one piece) Adjustable Bed, and 72" x 84" California King (one piece) Adjustable Bed.

Kingsize (one piece) Innerspring Electronic Motorized Homecare Bed.


latex foam vs tempurpedic memory foam



If you live outside of California, you will buy the Eastern King. Usually, the One Piece King is for one person. Most couples buy the Dual King. Bottom Fitted Sheets for both sizes are easily available - or contact us for Adjustable Bed Sheets.

Kingsize Best Quality Latex Foam Electrical Beds:

Review: Model 585LM - Best Quality One Piece King Electrical Bed and Most Comfortable Highest Quality High Profile Latex Foam Homecare Bed Mattress

Innerspring Kingsize Electronic Homecare Bed Mattresses come in your choice of Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm KingElectronic Homecare Beds quality mattress



NEW King size Split Back Motorized Bases 
NEW!  Split Back (Mattress is connected together in the leg area (Legs move together, back can move separately)

adjustable beds connected

New Split-Back / SplitBack
Together Adjustable Bed Mattress


Separate but always together, the new Split Back by Electropedic MOTORIZED BASES

This is the new from Electropedic Beds. Instead of 2 beds that are completely separate and held together by the headboard, the factory had so many request for this kind of a bed that we finally have it available. The Queen ( 60" X 80"), 84" available on special order...the California King (72" x 84") and the  Eastern King(76" X 80") This covers the need for separate head adjustments and the proper position when sleeping is that the foot section should be raised at least 3". This will put a slight bend into the frame and takes the pressure off of the hips and back. You will never sleep flat again and what a difference it will make in your quality of sleep. This can also accommodate your Headboard.  

Because there are special adjustable bed sheets for this mattress we include a bed package; one mattress pad and 2 bottom sheets; use the top bedding with what you now have. When the bed is made for the day it will be like any other bed as you will put the bed into the flat position.

 adjustablebedadjustable bed
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adjustable bedsNOTE:  Kingsize Adjustable Beds are usually a little too confusing to order online without first talking to an Kingsize Adjustable Bed Specialist.  After just a few questions, we can understand the correct model, size and length, MATTRESS, hand control, optional massage system, brackets, height, . . . that you need.  After 45 years asking some simple questions BEFORE YOU ORDER helps us to assure your 100% Total Satisfaction, which is our First and Foremost Goal.  We have an "A" Rating with the BBB - so we must be doing something right!





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Compare Tempurpedic Adjustable Beds to Electropedic Adjustable Beds; Compare Discount Temper-pedic Beds to Latex-pedic Mattresses; Compare the Tempur-Pedic Bed to the 7" Latex Mattress; Compare the Temperpedic AdjustableBed to the Latex-pedic Adjustable Bed; Compare the Tempurapedic Mattress to the Latex Mattress.