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comfortaire air adjustable bedsAuthorized Dealer:
Comfortaire Air Adjustable Beds

In 1931, a mattress company committed to quality in its products and integrity in customer service was founded, Orders Mattress Company, later Orderest. Over the years, the company remained faithful to these tenants, providing innovation and continuing to be a market leader in quality.

comfortaire air adjustable bed mattressesComfortaire is the result of this spirit of innovation. Comfortaire was founded in 1981 to bring adjustable air supported sleep technology to the retail market. Comfortaire continues that heritage of innovation by using the latest technology to provide you with the best nights sleep you'll ever have.


Comfortaire Air Adjustable Bed Mattress

Sleep 101: Understanding Why and How
The physiology of sleep ... what happens to the body when we fall asleep; factors that cause good/bad sleep.

How Much Should You Sleep?
How the way you sleep, and much you sleep, affects health and productivity. Why some people require more sleep; others need less.

Sleep Disorders: An Overview
Identifies common sleep disorders, with information about each.

What you Should Know About Your Neck and Spine
A simple anatomy lesson about the neck and spine, with relation to sleep comfort and rejuvenation.

Anatomy of The Mattress
Compares the conventional mattress to a premium Comfortaire system.

" The beds are all that you said they would be. It's been a pleasure doing business with you."

                                                                                                   Walt & Eddie Fenn - Branford, Connecticut.




Is firm better? What is best for my body? Experts talked up super-firm beds for years as a reaction to what sagging mattresses do to the spine. But does sleeping on a rock really end aches and pains?

A firm mattress does not provide even support. Some areas are unsupported. Other areas carry extra weight, creating uncomfortable pressure points and often resulting in lower back pain.

A soft mattress does not displace weight evenly, resulting in what is called a hammocking effect. The heavier cross section of your body is dropped lower than your head and feet. The spine is not properly supported, which often results in lower back pain.

Too hard? Too soft? The push of a button allows infinite adjustment to make your air mattress just right. Comfortaire supports every part of your back, giving hard-working muscles the rest they require to perform at peak levels during the day. Added benefits include easier breathing and pressure point reduction.

Comfortaire mattresses takes comfort one step further with new sleep innovations. 1. Omalon support foam guards against hammocking with soft mattress settings. 2. The patented 3" air chamber contours to each unique sleeper. 3. A visco elastic memory foam topper pad and thick quilting provides plush comfort without compromising healthy posture.

comfortaire quality adjustable bed air mattress

NOTE:  Comfortaire Air Adjustable Beds are usually a little too confusing to order online without first talking to an Adjustable Bed Specialist.  After just a few questions, we can understand the correct model, size and length, MATTRESS, hand control, optional massage system, brackets, height, . . . that you need.  After 45 years asking some simple questions BEFORE YOU ORDER helps us to assure your 100% Total Satisfaction, which is our First and Foremost Goal.  We have an "A" Rating with the BBB - so we must be doing something right!