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NOTE:  The Price and Cost of the FlexABed  3-Motor Fully Electric Motorized Frames are usually a little too confusing to order online without first talking to an Electropedic Adjustable Bed Specialist.  After just a few questions, we can better understand the correct price on the model, size and length, OPTIONAL MATTRESS, hand control, optional massage system, brackets, height, . . . that you may need.  After 45 years asking some simple questions BEFORE YOUR ORDER is important to your Satisfaction, which is our First and Foremost Goal.  We have an "A" Rating with the BBB - so we must be doing something right!

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The Flex-A-Bed Dual King - Our most popular modelThe Flex-A-Bed Dual King - Our most popular model
Now for the first really new advances in 3 motor, fully electric hospital adjustable bed.  The incredible full and queensize Flex-A-Bed.  Sleep easier in unbelievable comfort.  Elevate your back and your legs at the simple touch of your finger.  Elevate the entire bed up and down at the simple touch of your finger.  

Why do you need the third motor to make an adjustable bed a 3 motor, fully electric adjustable bed?  Some people are very short, and would like the bed a little lower to get in and out.  Some people have to transfer into a wheelchair, and would like the bed at the same height. Some people are tall, and want the thigh to be above the kneecap to make getting out of bed easier.  Some people are under nurses care, and need the bed to be elevated to help the nurse move the patient.


What is the difference between a FlexABed and a Hospital Bed?  A FlexABed looks like a beautiful, normal bed - not an ugly hospital bed.  You will Love your Flex-A-Bed.

FlexABed 3 Motor Hospital Bed

3-motor electric bed full size  

Electric Adjustable Bed flex-a-bed

Entire Bed goes up  and down.


Optional Side Rails

Fully ELectric Hospital Bed



Head Up and Head Down; Foot Up and Foot Down; Total Bed Up and Down

     Electric Bed 3-motor queensize flexabed


Ordinary bed require you to twist and turn, trying to get comfortable. But FlexABed adjusts to fit your body exactly. This precise support takes the strain off back muscles. So you'll instantly feel the comfort that bring on a restful, relaxing sleep.








FlexABed 3-motor fully electric full (double and regular size) and queen electric adjustable hospital bed.  A standard hospital bed has two motors that can be operated separately or together. This means that you have unlimited control over the position settings of the bed.


The hand control allows you to select any position you like, then change positions again at the touch of a button:


  1. The lightweight control is simple much easier to use than a VCR or TV remote
  2. It operates the head and foot motors as well as the optional vibrator unit
  3. You can even choose between single massage or dual massage for your Flex-A-Bed.

Motor Flex A Bed


  • FlexABed 3 Motor Adjustable Bed

  • Full Size Hospital Bed

  • Regular Size Fully Electric Adjustable Bed

  • Queen Size 3 Motor Adjustable Bed

  • Double Size Hospital Bed

  • Flex-A Bed-Single Side Rails

  • 3 Motor Hospital Bed

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