phoenix Latex Mattress
Phoenix Latex Mattress
Phoenix Organic Mattress
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Phoenix Natural Mattress
Latexpedic | 100% Talalay Natural Latex Mattresses

Made and Manufactured by Electropedic | Since 1964
Latex Mattresses
The most comfortable mattresses in the World!
Hand-Made One-at-a-Time

7" Latex Mattress | 9" Latex Mattress | 11" Latex Mattress

100% Talalay Natural Latex Mattresses
Completely Reversible | Quilted on Both Sides
Available: Soft, Regular, Extra & Ultra Firm
20-Year Limited Written Warranty
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  1035 E. Camelback Rd.
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3-Motor High-Low Fully Electric
phoenix Dawn House Bedding phoenix Flex-A-Bed Tuffcare 5 motor high low trendellenberg reverse
Dawn House Beds Flex-A-Bed Tuffcare
3-Motor Fully Electric Adjustable Bed Specialists High Low | Trendellenburg
phoenix Supernal 3 by Transfermaster high low up down hospital bed  adjustable bed 

Electropedic Adjustable Beds  

Supernal 3 & 5

Adjustable Beds

  Adjustable Beds Etc is a
division of Electropedic
Natural Latex Mattress Specialists Organic
phoenix Natural Mattress  phoenix Latex Mattress
Natural Mattress Latex Mattress Organic Mattress
Best Price Best Quality Best Guarantee
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Indoor Outdoor Curved
Twilight Cloud Relaxer
phoenix Twilight Golden Recliner Lift Chair   Golden Relaxer phoenix Golden Relaxer 




Go Go  Victory Tri-Lift
phoenix GoGo Electric 3 Wheel Scooter  phoenix Endurance Li 4 Wheel Electric Scooter  Trilift mobility Scooter Lift phoenix 
3-Wheel  4-Wheel  Scooter-Lifts 
Wheelchairs  Folding  Wheelchair Lifts 
phoenix Jazzy Select Air Powerchair  phoenix Jazzy Carbon Electric Wheelchair Powerchair  phoenix Macs PL50 
Pride Jazzy  Carbon  Macs PL-50 
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907 N. Hollywood Way
Burbank 800-233-7382
1035 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix 800-733-1818

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