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The Tuffcare High-Low Fully Electric 5-Motor High Low Hospital Bed with Reverse Trendellenburg.  Available 36" x 80" and 42" x 80"
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The Century Long Term Care Bed T7036/T7042 are fully electric and adjustable beds specially engineered and designed for Alzheimer residents or others with chronic impairments that reduce their degree of independence in their daily life’s activities. Top manufacturing technology with the highest quality components make these beds the best choice for long term care with features such as: 
  • The Tuffcare Century Hospital Bed is a two piece split grid design allows for easy set up, relocation, and operation.
  • Phoenix high low hospital bed with nine inch clearance space under recessed lower frame for ease of housekeeping and accessibility for patient handling.
  • San Diego Trendellenburg ergonomic 5 function pendant allows you to electronically control all functions of the bed.
  • Economy High Low Hospital Bed will easily achieve Trendelenburg, its reverse, and a lawn chair position by simply pushing a few buttons.
  • Discount Powered by premier DC motors that operate quietly, smoothly, and keep the bed leveled with a synchronized control system.
  • Price Eight 4" locking swivel casters allow the bed to easily relocate while keeping it firmly in place during use; each pair has one lock.
  • Sale Price An external back up battery pack can power the bed for up to 7 minutes in case of emergencies.
  • Cost Sturdy welded steel construction and a reinforced bed frame provide maximum strength and support.
  • Discount Optional half rails support the patient in getting in and out of bed and to provide an extra layer of security while the bed is elevated.

The T7036 is 36” x 80” with a total length of 88” with head and footboards attached; accommodates up to 600 pounds. The bed weighs 232 pounds without rails and 248 with. The T7042 is 42” x 80” and weighs 255 pounds without rails and 271 with.

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