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Before You Buy An Electric  Wheelchair-Elevator, we ask you the following questions:
1.  How many feet do you have to go up?
2.  Commercial or Residential Setting?
3.  Are you going to be transporting an Electric Wheelchair?
4.  What Are Your Plans for Entrance and Exit of the Wheelchair-Elevator?
5.  What type of area are you planning to put the Wheelchair-Elevator on?
6.  What are your particular Needs, Concerns and Questions?

We Promise NOT to put your name on any mail or phone list.


Macs Wheelchair Elevator Macslift.com PL-52 and PL-72Before you buy an Electric Wheelchair Elevator, it is necessary to know a couple of important pieces of information.  There are many manufacturers and models available. 


If you are looking for the most Economical, Safe, and very Reliable Technology, we can highly recommend the Macs Lift.  The  Mac Vertical Home Lift PL-52 & PL-72 was designed and engineered for home use - outdoor and exterior use for a porch or small step area.  It's easy to operate, easy to install and virtually maintenance free.  Safety detail has been carefully designed into the PL-52 including a non-slip platform, constant pressure switches, a low platform for easy roll-on/ roll-off, safety barrier and railing and all rolled edges. The PL-52 is sturdy enough to lift and lower up to 500 pounds and will accommodate almost all electric wheelchairs and scooters - extra wide platforms are available for some applications.   This is the Most Affordable Residential Lift System Available.  

If you are using the Wheelchair Elevator for a simple Porch-type Setting, we would highly recommend the MAC PL-52 (for up to 52") or the PL-72 (up to 72") Most units, like the Mac Lift, fits most applications under 5 and 6 feet.  You have to start with a concrete slab underneath your unit, usually about 4 feet by 5 feet.  After that, the Wheelchair Elevators are pretty easy to install:  4 concrete bolts and setting the correct height.  Your unit pretty much comes completely assembled.  All you need as standard electricity (110) power source.  Wheelchair Elevators provide a smooth, quiet ride and are virtually maintenance free once they are installed.  We have Vertical Platform Lifts that travel up to 12 feet.  All our customers want the same three things:  The Best Price, Reliability and Safety.

The lifts are completely weatherized and attractively finished in off-white. Shipped fully assembled, the PL-50 and PL-72 install in 6 easy steps. The Mac's Vertical Home Lifts are the economical and practical answer to stair barriers.  The unit shall have the capacity to lift up to 500 lbs. to the desired lifting height up to a maximum lift height of six ( 6 ) feet.  Standard Warranty is a one ( 1 ) year limited warranty on the basic unit and electrical system with a two (2) year warranty of drive train components. Optional Remote controls mounted at each level ensure that your handicap lift will be exactly where you want it at the push of a button. Optional Gate at the upper landing with mechanical interlock prevents the handicapped lift from operation until the gate is closed and locked.

Macslift vertical platform lift pl52 and pl72Wheelchair Elevators are completely weatherized and are usually finished in off-white. Handicapped Units are Shipped fully assembled, and can be installed in just a few steps.   An Extension Cord, 14 gauge UL-CSA approved is recommended if power source is not within three (3) feet of Machine tower.

Wheelchair Elevator's are still a little too complicated to buy without first talking to a Wheelchair Elevator Specialists to put "all your ducks in a row."  After a brief conversation, everything becomes rather simple.  After 45 years making "Your 100% Total Satisfaction Is Our Only Goal" we'd rather not make a sale, then to sell you the wrong product, especially where your safety may be at issue.  Results are what we are both after:  We understand that you want a Wheelchair Elevator that will be safe, practical and easy to use.

Wheelchair Elevators have a re-sale value after they are sold.  At ElectroEase.com, we "Buy, Sell & Trade".  Please call for New and Used Prices.

Download the PL-50 Wheelchair Elevators Document
Download the PL-72 Wheelchair Elevators Document


When you call us, we will be drawing a picture on actual paper of the details you are telling us.  Are you planning to use the unit by yourself, or will you be having the assistance of someone else.  Are you going to be on a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or scooter?  Indoor or Exterior Outdoor Usage?  How are you going to enter the unit; and how are you going to exit?  How high are you going to need the unit.  Is it a commercial setting, porch, home, stage, school, etc.  Are you going to need a solid door?  remote call and send buttons? Are you planning to put the tower on the left side or right side?

Since we've been asking the same questions every single day, we are here trying to find the FACTORS to your 100% Total Satisfaction.

Many disability units come with a built-in safety feature on the bottom of your vertical platform lift:  when your disability unit hits an obstruction, the unit will automatically stop (ADA required). Many disability units are UL approved and all disability units have constant pressure switches; and a manual emergency hand crank. 

There are several manufacturers and models available and ElectroEase.com is dedicated to giving you the best price, quality, guarantee and service.  Since 1964 we have made "Your 100% Total Satisfaction Our Only Goal" and our secret formula for success is too look after your INTERESTS first.  We realize also that COST is a primary concern whether you are a millionaire or are primarily living off Social Security.  After we find the FACTORS to your needs, we will be glad to offer you our Customer Friendly Prices that are Guaranteed the WORLD'S LOWEST PRICE: (800)354-5040.

One of the most important questions we ask first is if you are going to put this unit in yourself, or do you need us to do so.  Are you buying this for personal use, or for public use.  ARE YOU GOING TO BE REQUIRED TO PASS ANY LOCAL CODES OR PERMITS OR INSPECTIONS.  If you live outside of California, and your unit is going to need to pass inspection, we highly recommend that you find a local Elevator Installer.  Code Compliance on Wheelchair Elevators?    If you are planning to use a commercial type unit, or are a contractor, or are planning to go higher than 6 feet, we can highly recommend the Trus-T-Lift Vertical Platform Wheelchair Elevator Click here for brochure.  View Trus<T>Lift at Home Video.  ADA Requirements may require: solid walls, a key switch (which are usually standard), battery back-up, remote control call and send buttons, electronic locking gate, etc.  ElectroEase.com will be glad to work directly with you and the manufacturer to help you "iron" out the standards for your local area.

If you are a church or a school with a stage, sometimes you can get by with a portable unit, if you feel you only need one on a temporary basis, or for an event.  We sell a lot of portable units.

commercial trusty-lift vertical platform liftHome Trus-T-Lift Residential Wheelchair ElevatorThe Trus<T>Lift, is a simple, safe and reliable wheelchair elevator that features quick and easy installation and a design that meets U.S. and Canadian safety standards. This vertical platform lift designed primarily for lifting physically challenged persons from the ground level up to the main floor of their homes. The Trus<T>Lift is made of three simple components, which allows for easy set-up in less than half an hour. Trus-T-Lift is engineered for year-round use. The lift features a 550-pound (250-kg) capacity, and is available in both 52- and 72-inch (1321- and 1828-mm) lifting heights, with straight-through or 90-degree access. It also features a direct drive worm-gear/screw-nut drive for maintenance-free operation. Installation:  The Trus-T-Lift has many advantages, not the least of which is ease of installation. It is, in fact, as easy as 1-2-3.  

  1. Position and secure the base frame on the pad.

  2. Secure the tower to the base frame.

  3. Attach the carriage to the tower.

Easy as 1,2,3 to install. View Video.

Does your home require special consideration? 

TRUS<T>LIFT can handle that for you. We can customize your lift with a variety of options to suit any application.

Live in a flood prone area?

No problem!
TRUS<T>LIFT Gives you a lift height
 of up to an incredible 12'.

View Tall Tower Video.

Click here for our Safety Bulletins and Maintenance Procedures
So what happens when the batteries die? Simple , Effective Peace of Mind. Never worry about power outages again.
Back up power on demand. For your lift or any other application.

Click here for brochure.

Feature Product

Portable Trus<T>Lift
Portable Power When You Need It.
Ideal for Schools, Churches, Stage Access, Recreation Centres,
Libraries and Restaurants.

Click here for brochure.


Watch Trus T Lift Promo

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Most handicap units have standard non-slip platforms, constant pressure switches, a low platform for easy roll on and roll off, safety barier and railing and rolled edges.








  Our 45 Year Experience Means
The Right Wheelchair Elevator
 for You!
wheel chairs allow you to travel easier in unbelievable comfort

We pride ourselves on doing something for the Quality of Your Life.  Today, 25% of our business is built upon repeat and referral customers.  Many of our customers have 3 and 4 of our products.



A smaller vertical platform model ideally suited for residential outdoor use, the Multi lift is also a cost-effective option for smaller budgets, while still offering a rugged and reliable design for low-rise travel.

We appreciate that COST is a key factor for everyone, whether you are a millionaire or are primarily living off Social Security.  That is why WE GUARANTEE THE WORLD'S LOWEST PRICE.

adjustable bed mattresselectropedic adjustable bedsYour 100% Total Satisfaction Is Our Only Goal!

We are Authorized Dealers for the leading equipment in the Industry. Since 1964, we are the actual manufacturer of the Electropedic® Adjustable Beds, the World's Best-Built Adjustable Bed.  We understand that things can be very confusing when you have special needs; talking to the right person who is knowledgeable and can offer you the best solutions at the lowest price is what we do best.  You can shop with confidence when you shop with one of our Equipment Specialist. Your 100% Total Satisfaction is our only goal!  Please call for full information; you will be glad that you did. 

adjustable bed factory showroom

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