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medical mattress

When you buy an Adjustable Bed Mattress, there is going to be several considerations under review:
YOUR Health, Comfort and Durability.

adjustable bed mattress

Adjustable Bed Mattresses

NOTE:  When you elevate your back and your legs on an Adjustable Bed, your whole body gets e-v-e-n-l-y supported.  YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING FLAT.  When you sleep FLAT your Hips and Shoulders "dig" into your mattress which makes your body have to toss and turn.  YOU WILL TOSS AND TURN 10X LESS ON AN ADJUSTABLE BED, because your Posture changes when you elevate your back and your legs.  Instead of SO MUCH weight falling on your HIPS, you have your middle body being supported by your Lower Back, Hips and Thighs - e-v-e-n-i-n-g out the Pressure.  (This is probably why they put a Hospital Bed in every single Hospital Room).  WHEN YOU CAN CONTOUR YOUR BODY AND SINK INTO THE PROPER CUSHIONING ON YOUR CHOICE OF INNERSPRING, LATEX, AIR AND TEMPURPEDIC MATTRESS, YOU'LL PROBABLY FEEL LIKE YOU ARE FLOATING ON A CLOUD OF AIR - YOUR WHOLE BODY CAN JUST TOTALLY LET GO. 

THINK ABOUT IT:  An Adjustable Bed with your BEST Mattress is YOUR ULTIMATE IN COMFORT.

Ideluxe mattressf you are interested in an Adjustable Bed Mattress, there is a probability that you are not the person "who can sleep on anything!".  Adjustable Bed Mattress customers should be the most demanding when coming to buying a new or replacement adjustable bed mattress.  "Demanding" does not translate into expensive; "Demanding" should be defined as made specific to your needs and wants - to get you a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP. 

tempur-pedic nasa type mattressWe first have to ask you what firmness do you like?  Our Innerspring and Latex Foam Adjustable Bed Mattresses come in your choice of Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.  3 out of 4 customers will buy between a Regular Firm and an Extra Firm.  To determine what is the best firmness for you, an Adjustable Bed Mattress Specialist is also going to have to ask you:  How much do you weigh?  How old are you? (we usually find people over 65 years old like almost one degree softer); Do you have a Bad Back? (we find most people with a Bad Back like to stay Firmer; Do you have Arthritis? ) (we find people with Arthritis usually want to go with the Latex Foam or Tempurpedic over the Innerspring models).  AGAIN, THE FIRST QUESTION THAT WE ASK YOU IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IS WHAT DO YOU BASICALLY LIKE?

Mr. Neefus finally is able to sleep comfortably and can breathe with ease. He is certainly well pleased with our purchase."
                                                                                                                                Elaine P. Neefus - Boca Raton, Florida

tempurpedicHere is an interesting  question:  What is more important consideration when buying an Adjustable Bed Mattress . . .  your Health or your Comfort?

 The correct answer is your HEALTH; how you feel when you wake up.  YOU DON'T WANT TO WAKE UP WITH PAIN YOU DID NOT GO TO BED WITH; YOU DON'T WANT TO WAKE UP SORE, OR PARTS OF YOUR BODY ASLEEP.  Of course, your Comfort is crucially important: but, for example, if you buy a pillow-soft mattress, this may feel extremely comfortable - but if you wake up with a back ache, your HEALTH will always be your primary consideration.  Hopefully, you can get GREAT Health, Comfort and Durability in the mattress you select.  This is why an Adjustable Bed Mattress Specialist has to ask you some QUESTIONS to address the Factors that will lead to your 100% Total Satisfaction.

Your 100% Total Satisfaction with You Adjustable Bed Mattress Is Our First and Foremost Goal!

quality mattressAll our Adjustable Bed Mattresses come with a 20-Year Warranty.  We are a 45 year old company, and still make adjustable bed mattresses ONE AT A TIME the old-fashioned, custom way: attention to detail and pride in workmanship.  You do not pay more for our superior material and workmanship; and OUR FACTORY can still have any size, mattress, firmness and model made the same day; and shipped out the next day.  An Adjustable Bed Mattress has to be made BETTER than a standard, flat bed mattress, because not only does it have to SUPPORT and CUSHION you for 20 years, it also has to be able to bend.  Thus, we still make our Innerspring and Latex Foam Mattresses Completely Reversible with the BEST material handles for flipping; we Double Stitch around the sides and Triple Stitch around the corners.  We use the highest quality DACRON material for wear, tear and COMFORT.

comfortaireAll Mattresses are basically designed to do the same things:  Support you, Cushion you and take pressure off your body; and Feel Good.  A mattress is a matter of personal preference; and some mattresses will work with your body type better and others don't.  We find 3 out of 4 customers buy either Innerspring or Latex Foam Adjustable Bed Mattresses; About 1 out of 10 buys either the Tempurpedic NASA Memory Foam Classic, Deluxe, Rhapsody or Celebrity Mattress.   About 1 out of 20 customers like the Comfortaire AIR Adjustable Bed Mattress.  We also have a specialized Sleep Center for Bariatric Disability and Handicap Hospital Bed Type Mattresses.  We also invite you to visit the Manufacturer's Web Sites for more CONSUMER RATINGS AND REVIEWS information at:,, and

Tempurpedic Mattresses:  Classic, Deluxe, Rhapsody and Celebrity Adjustable Bed Mattress

We MANUFACTURE America's Highest Quality Innerspring Adjustable Bed Mattresses - SECOND TO NONE!!! - which are available in Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.  We do not know how to make a higher quality or more comfortable Innerspring Mattress - and each mattress is the product of 45 years of perfection.  Each one is custom, hand made.  We are a VERY old fashioned in terms of quality and craftsmanship.


Our Adjustable Bed Innerspring Mattress is for our customers who may want to take the  "Conservative" approach, since almost 9 out of 10 American's sleep on Innerspring now.  Our Innerspring Mattresses are quilted on both sides with 4 layers of padding.  The bottom three layers ON BOTH SIDES are inner-tufted (buttoned down) - underneath the top layer ON BOTH SIDES the bottom three layers are tied down to the coils.  Our Coils are TEMPERED STEEL - Heat Treated Twice to maintain their durability for over 20 years.  The 320 Coils are hinged every 3 1/2" for perfect bending.  You cannot buy a higher quality or more comfortable innerspring Mattress.  They come in your choice of Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.

BEST HIGHEST QUALITY LATEX FOAM REPLACEMENT ADJUSTABLE BED MATTRESShighest quality best latex foam adjustable bed mattressThe Electropedic Factory is personally, partial to Latex Foam.  Most of the people who work at the Factory sleep on Latex.  We feel Latex Foam fulfills all the variables:  HEALTH, COMFORT AND DURABILITY.  Instead of 320 coils supporting and cushioning you, you have millions of Latexpillo Air Cells supporting and cushioning you.  AS A COMFORT AND HEALTH TEST EXAMPLE:  If you sleep FLAT on an Innerspring Mattress, your body will have to toss and turn every 15 minutes.  If you do the same on a Latex Foam mattress, about 10X less.  If you go to the Latex Foam Manufacturer Website, you'll read the ratings and reviews that Latex Foam is even 30% more pressure relieving than Tempur-pedic.

 When you call our company, you will be talking to an Adjustable Bed Mattress Specialist.  Since 1964, we have made "Your 100% Total Satisfaction Our Only Goal!"  Your Complete Satisfaction is our First and Foremost Goal.  After just a few questions, we can better understand the mattress type, model and firmness that may be best for you.

Our secret formula for success is being good LISTENERS.  Please let us know your weight, age, height, whether you have back trouble or arthritis, whether you ever Loved a Mattress and/or why you Hate your current Mattress.  A mattress can help alleviate your discomfort if your present mattress does not keep your complete posture aligned correctly.   If a mattress is too firm or too soft it can lead to waking up not feeling good.  Some people's body's do not work well with certain mattresses.  We HIGHLY recommend our Latex Foam Mattress, and consider them the best in the world.  But, we always let our customers tell us what is best for them.  Latex Foam is not for everyone. 

All Adjustable Bed Mattresses - whether you are buying an Air, Latex (High Profile and Standard), Tempurpedic Memory Foam (Classic, Deluxe, Rhapsody and Celebrity) or Innerspring - should address the same 7 subjects:

  1. Comfort/Feel Good
  2. Support
  3. Cushioning/Pressure Relief
  4. Durability
  5. Health
  6. Heat Dissipation
  7. Bottoming Out (soreness/hardness)
  1. latex mattressComfort When you buy a mattress you want the mattress to be as comfortable as possible. It should feel GREAT!
  2. 100% organic natural latexSupport If you read many "Sleep and Good Bedding Articles" you are suppose to sleep in the same posture as if you are "standing at attention" (while lying flat). This is especially true if you have a bad back. Your hips have to be supported. If your hips sink too far into a mattress, this can lead to an added curvature of your lower back and to waking up with back pain. The Latexpedic Foam Mattress supports your body with millions of Latexpillo Air Cells. Latex always tries to go back into its original shape. It is like sleeping on a million little rubber balls. (remember, when you were young, and sat on the rubber ball. The air stayed in the ball. - memory foam does the opposite - the air comes out of the air cell). You can order the Latexpedic Foam in four firmnesses: Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.
  3. Cushioning/Pressure Relief A normal innerspring mattress WHEN YOU SLEEP FLAT makes your body toss and turn about 50X a night - about every 10 to 15 minutes. Latexpedic Foam is actually rated 30% more pressure relieving than even memory foam. Why do people toss and turn on a mattress? Because a normal mattress makes you lose circulation and puts pressure and soreness on parts of your body that you have to relieve by tossing and turning. On a Latexpedic mattress you are cushioned by millions of Latexpillo Air Cells. Durability Only a QUALITY mattress will last you 20 years. Today many manufacturers, to primarily cut costs, are only quilting one side of the mattress. Our Innerspring and Latexpedic mattresses are completely reversible from head to foot and upside down.  We sell a lot of Latexpedic Mattresses to the Obese Bariatric Industry where patients weight 400 to 1000 pounds, and our experience is that the Latex Foam is the only mattress that will hold up.
  4. best quality natural organic latex mattressHealth The most important consideration when buying a mattress is your Health - how you feel when you wake up. Of course, you want a mattress to be both Comfortable and Healthful, but you have to always buy the mattress that makes you feel the best when you wake up. Before you buy a mattress, let us know about any arthritis, back pain, bone, muscle and nerve pain. Our experience can help us find the right Support and Comfort levels for you.
  5. Heat Dissipation Your body is at 98.6 degrees. Room temperature is at the bottom 70's. You need about 25 degrees less temperature to air cool your body. If the mattress does not allow for heat dissipation your body can heat up the mattress to your body temperature. We quilt the Latexpedic mattress with 3/8" heat dissipation quilting so you cannot heat up the mattress. One of the defects of Memory Foam is that your body lies directly on the memory cells - there is no "air gap" and your body can heat up the mattress to your body temperature.
  6. rubber tree natural organic mattressBottoming Out (soreness/hardness) An Innerspring Mattress incorporates 4 separate layers of material, and the Latexpedic Mattress has millions of Latexpillo Air Cells throughout to keep your body from BOTTOMING OUT.  You never want to feel feel the hardness of a steel coil spring. The Latexpillo Air Cells always attempt to go back to their original shape. You do not bottom out. You do not wake up with parts of your body asleep or sore.  Our top-of-the-line HIGH PROFILE mattress even incorporates a built in SOFTER pillow-top on both sides to give you an extra layer of cushioning.

  7. adjustable bedsNOTE:  Adjustable Bed Mattresses  are too important  to order online without first talking to an Adjustable Bed Specialist.  After just a few questions, we can understand the correct Mattress model, size and length, and firmness, . . . that is best for your needs and wants to get you A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP.  After 45 years asking same questions, we are very good at it.  Your 100% Total Satisfaction is our First and Foremost Goal.  We have an "A" Rating with the BBB - so we must be doing something right!

Start with Trust.  Electropedic is the most trusted name in Adjustable Beds.
Member BBB with an A Rating.  Since 1964